Ringing in the ears, blurred vision, no balance: Suit shows students what it’s like to drive under the influence

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OAK LAWN Ill. —  The school days are winding down and the season of proms and graduations is underway.   It’s a favorite time of the year for students but also an increasingly deadly time for them on our roads.

Experts said the first 100 days of summer are the deadliest for teen drivers. Deaths from car crashes spike more than 25%.

Recently, students at a south suburban high school got a very real education on the effects of drugs and alcohol.

Students at Oak Forest High School experienced what it feels like to function under the influence with the help of a special device.

The Ford Motor Company’s drugged driving suit mimics the effects of drugs and alcohol.  It slows reaction time, distorts vision and reducing coordination.

Headphones restrict hearing and play a ringing sound.  Goggles blur vision and elbow and knee bandages restrict movement.

Several students said they were confident they would be able to pass the test but quickly found themselves out of sorts.

WGN’s Amy Rutledge has more.



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