Ring camera catches possible road rage hit-and-run in Streamwood


STREAMWOOD, Ill. — A possibly road rage hit-and-run was captured on a Ring camera in a Streamwood subdivision on Wednesday.

Dawn Stowitts’ camera recorded the chaos. One car is seen speeding away from a second vehicle, which chased the first into a cul-de-sac, and then hits the occupants in the other vehicle.

The occupants of the second car approach the first car to confront the driver. In a desperate attempt to get away, the driver of the first vehicle tries to get away.

Then the two men jump on and can be seen holding onto the hood.

Stowitts and her son Corbin who were home at the time.

“‘Please stay with me, please stay with me,'” said Stowitts. “Don’t wait for the ambulance, let’s get out of here. And then they look off on their own.”

It appears the men are thrown off at some point and may have been run over. After the first vehicle speeds off, a woman screams that her baby was injured.

The video exploded locally on social media has been turned over to police. Streamwood police said “when appropriate” a statement will be released on the incident.

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