Ride-share drivers to strike across the country, including in Chicago, on Wednesday

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CHICAGO — People in Chicago may have a hard time getting a ride with Uber or Lyft on Wednesday, because ride-share drivers across the country, including in the city, are staging a one-day strike.

This week, Uber will follow Lyft on the public market with what is expected to be one of the largest new tech stock debuts this year. It’s valued at about $80 billion.

The organizer at Chicago Rideshare Advocates is anticipating 100 protestors at City Hall and drivers who will park, instead of drive, for 24 hours straight. The demonstration will start in the Loop Wednesday at 3 p.m. and the group will march toward City Hall.

Drivers are protesting low pay. In some cases, they make below minimum wage while they pay for gas on their cars, pay loans and log serious miles just to make ends meet.

If the airport’s estimates are correct, Chicago O’Hare International Airport sees about 650,000 ride-shares a month. Drivers hope the roadside ground stop will get Lyft and Uber’s attention. They also hope to get the attention of Mayor-elect Lori Lightfoot, who voiced favor for ride-share regulation during the election season.

Protestors are asking drivers to hit the brakes for the day, shut off their ride-share apps in solidarity and make the companies, not to mention the customers, pay in a whole new way.

Over 100,000 ride-share drivers are registered with the City of Chicago.


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