CHICAGO — Rev. Jesse Jackson, along with members of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition members addressed the brutal killing of Tyre Nichols and the indictment of the Memphis officers in a press conference Saturday morning.

According to a release, Jackson and Acting National Director of the coalition, Bishop Tavis L. Grant II called leaders around the state to demand sheriffs who are opposed to the new Illinois State Ban on assault weapons to enforce the law.

Jackson watched the body cam footage released by Memphis officials described it as “a degree of horror that is unforgettable,” according to a Facebook release.

“I’ve seen a lot in my fifty-five years of service all over the world. This goes beyond my imagination. Tyre Nichols did not deserve this public lynching. These men had options that they never engaged. Instead, they lowered their human capacity to an animalistic degree and unleashed a reprehensible act of violence.”

Bishop Grant, a native of Memphis also stated the importance of harnessing strength during this time.

“We must harness our best efforts and energies to elevate about the hate and pain that often breeds a violent response to these incidents.”

The press conference was held Saturday morning at the Rainbow PUSH Coalition located at the 930 block of East 50th Street.

The full press meeting can be found on our website.