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CHICAGO —Prosecutors said Jussie Smollett completed several hours of community service before the charges were dropped against the actor.

Smollett volunteered at Rainbow PUSH Coalition. Reverend Jesse Jackson leads the coalition and said the decision to drop all charges against Smolllett  was “prosecutorial discretion.”

Jackson wrote a letter of support in an effort to sway prosecutors to drop the charges. Jackson said he reached out to Smollett in January when he when he first public with his claim that he was attacked.

“We reached out trying to be of some service,” Jackson said. “PUSH is a house of refuge for many people.”

Jackson said Smollett has spent more than two days. or 16 hours at the organization, as noted by prosecutors.  And he’s said it’s time to put this case in perspective.

“ I’m concerned on a scale of balance,” he said. “No one was killed in this case.  It’s a non-violent crisis, whatever the crisis is, compared to so many people who are being killed and injured and shot.”