Rev. Jackson calls for international outcry to return kidnapped girls

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Amid international outcry to find hundreds of kidnapped girls in Nigeria, eight more girls are abducted overnight.

Reverend Jesse Jackson along with leaders from Chicago’s Nigerian-American community are adding their voices to the worldwide outcry to return the girls.

Islamic extremists from Boko Haram released a video claiming to have the young school girls and threatening to sell them into slavery.

Eight more girls were abducted overnight from a village in Northeast Nigeria.

Protests have erupted around the globe including Washington, D.C. and London.

In Nigeria, parents of the kidnapped girls are reportedly unhappy with the response by the country’s president.

Critics say the government was slow to respond to the crisis and has done little to counteract Boko Haram, which is accused of murdering thousands of people over the last five years in an effort to impose their views.  Boko Haram claims it wants to create an Islamist state in Nigeria.

The U.S. State Department says the American government is doing everything it can to help Nigerian authorities in their efforts to bring the girls home safely.

The Reverend Jesse Jackson is calling on the United Nations and other African nations to get involved as well, “We cannot allow the tragedy of these girls being kidnapped, abducted, raped and sold. The whole world must cry out.”

Jackson says the terrorist activities by Boko Haram threatens the stability of the entire African continent.


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