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CHICAGO — Reverend Al Sharpton joined WGN Morning News to discuss his plans to gather with local ministers in a push to promote social justice.

Sharpton and other ministers will meet Thursday to voice their concerns over President Donald Trump’s plan to send federal agents to Chicago in order to help combat the rise in violence.

Sharpton makes clear that there is nothing wrong with having more resources to help with Chicago violence, but only if the resources are put in the correct area to actually create change.

“There are two sides to this. One, we have to deal with the violence. But we must deal with how law enforcement deals with the violence because there’s a law enforcement issue in this city,” said Sharpton.

The group is concerned that without dialogue with community leaders and local ministers, the implementation of federal agents in Chicago might actually lead to more problems, not solutions.

When asked about effectively communicating with police and citizens, Sharpton said, “Police have a tough job. Police leave everyday and don’t know if they’re coming home alive… we’re not anti-police, we think most are good but you become a bad policemen if you cover for a bad policemen, just like you’re a bad citizen if you cover for a bad citizen.”

Sharpton and other civil rights activists across the country are also planning a Minister’s March for Justice on the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a dream” speech.