Aurora residents protest after ‘Ripper Crew’ member moves to halfway house

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AURORA, Ill. — A vocal group of protesters gathered outside an Aurora halfway house Friday, angry about the housing arrangement for a convicted killer.

Thomas Kokoraleis, a member of the notorious “Ripper Crew”, has settled at Wayside Cross Ministries in downtown Aurora after he was released from prison last week.

Kokoraleis, a registered sex offender, served half of a 70-year sentence for killing Lorraine “Lorry” Borowski in 1982. Kokoraleis and Borowski were both 21 at the time, according to state records.

The four-man Ripper Crew, which included Kokoraleis’ brother, was suspected in the disappearances and murders of at least 17 women and one man in Illinois in 1981 and 1982. The Ripper Crew was reportedly a satanic cult, performing rituals in connection with rapes and killings.

The board of directors at Wayside Cross Ministries released a statement that said more time is needed to find a solution that both keeps with the organization’s mission and core values, and balances the safety concerns of neighbors.

The board and Aurora’s mayor are slated to meet.


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