Residents in Robbins apartment building report water issues day before freezing temps

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ROBBINS, Ill. — People at an apartment building in south suburban Robbins said they’re having water problems again, one day before a big temperature drop in the area.

Katrina Harris, a tenant in the building, said waters issues in the building have been the source of a lot of stress. She pays $1,300 in rent and the water issues have her questioning what is being done with her money.

Last November, the Village of Robbins turned off the water to her building and several adjacent properties operated by the same owner. It had been months since the bill was paid. But the village made a deal and established a payment plan so it was turned back on.

Harris was surprised when she then came and saw a red termination tag on the door that said “URGENT WATER SHUT OFF NOTICE.”

Harris lives with and helps take care of a disabled father and she’s raising a 4-yr-old daughter. She said she had just gotten hot water Tuesday after about a month. However, Harris said the hot water heater has been working on and off for weeks.

A village spokesman told WGN the owner made one payment and hasn’t been heard from since.

Back in November Marvin Wells, the property manager paid the water bill in February. He said that the Village was supposed to have the reading of the meters done by June, but he said it still hasn’t been done.

Harris doesn’t want to make waves but she feels the owner/property manager need to be publicly shamed for putting her and others through this ordeal. In the spring, she’s going to find a new place to call home.

Robbins Village spokesman Sean Howard said the explanation was as untrue then just as it is now. He said the Village won’t be turning the water off anytime soon, but one way or another in this situation has to be rectified.


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