Residents continue to move out of Oak Park building after structure deemed unsafe


OAK PARK, Ill. — Some apartment building residents in Oak Park continued a massive move out Wednesday.

Village inspectors said the building has to be evacuated due to structural instability.

Inspectors first found structural issues at Oak View Tower, located in the 900 block of North Boulevard, nearly three weeks ago on Oct. 22.

They reported floors sloping as much as four inches toward the center of the building and a needed-structural repair on the first floor.

Inspectors said when the building’s management team did not produce the proper paperwork, the building was deemed unsafe and all residents must temporarily relocate by Wednesday.

Eric Weber, of 33 Realty, the building’s management owner, took over the building on Oct. 15. 

He said a complicated inspection could not be done by the village’s deadline, so the village decided it best to evacuate everyone. 

“The importance here is tenants and their safety.  We are working on that. We found housing for every single tenant at this point,” Weber  said. “We are moving them all out. It’s our employees that are helping them move. It’s third-party movers that are helping. We’re paying for everything. … The village has come together to assist us. We are very appreciative of that. Our goal is to get everyone out by the deadline today which the village has set in place. … I’m confident we’re going to hit the deadline and this building will be fully vacant.”

Once the building is vacated, the building’s owner, Goldman Investments, will bring in a structural engineer to do a full assessment of what is needed to be done.

They could take a number of weeks 

The Village of Oak Park issued the following statement.

“The building was last inspected in Oct 2019 when it was sold and returned to rental units from condominiums. The inspection was for life-safety issues like smoke detectors, ground-fault outlets, etc. The units were occupied and the floors carpeted, so the issues found in October 2021 would not have been so visible.”

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