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CHICAGO — State Sen. Darren Bailey won the GOP nomination with the help of grassroots activists, and now he’s hard at work uniting Republicans.

Bailey attended the Republican State Central Committee County Chairs meeting Thursday afternoon.

Facing self-financing billionaire Gov. JB Pritzker, Bailey needs to fill up his campaign coffers. Overnight, he held a unity fundraiser featuring his primary rivals, including Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin. 

“Our campaign isn’t about the fat cats and the billionaires, it’s about the people forced to do everything that they can to get by. It’s about you, every forgotten community in Illinois,” Bailey said. “Friends, JB Pritzker is an out of touch trust fund billionaire.”

While he looks to boost fundraising, Bailey is trying to get back on message after playing defense following his comments about abortion and the holocaust

Winning statewide in Illinois can be a challenge for the GOP but they’re hoping a national red wave can put them over the top. 

Before he headed to the state fairground, Bailey addressed the party faithful.

“Thanks to failed politicians like Joe Biden and JB Pritzker, it’s getting harder and harder for regular Illinoisans to showcase their best,” Bailey said.

Former Gov. Bruce Rauner previously would arrive at the State Fair on a motorcycle and Bailey promises his own big entrance.