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We put a call out for people to nominate the most remarkable woman they know, difference-makers that inspire, motivate and lift hearts.  After poring through hundreds of nomination letters, WGN News choose four finalists. Our second is Pastor Janice Monroe Donelson.

Healing comes in many forms, and in Pastor Donelson’s little Aurora church it’s found around a table.

She calls it the “sister to sister” roundtable, where women can open up about everything from child and spousal abuse to more day-to-day concerns.

“I want them to come out of what they’ve been trapped in,” Pastor Donelson explains. “They have been carrying something for such a long time.”

Those who participate say Pastor Donelson’s teachings have changed the lives of hundreds of women, showing them they are truly are not alone, while equipping them to take on their struggles. And there’s laughter, too.

For her part, Pastor Donelson says she lost count years ago of all the women who have come through. But that’s the thing with work of the heart: it can’t be measure in numbers, but rather in the imprint left behind.

“You begin to see the changes that come into their life with their families and just with their thinking,” Pastor Donelson said. “To know that they are loved.”

Erin Ivory will have two more Remarkable Women finalists in the next two weeks, and the winner will be revealed on Friday, March 6. To read more about other finalists visit