Reginald Potts sentencing: Prosecutors continue focus on troubled past

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CHICAGO — Cook County prosecutors have spent the last several days detailing Reginald Potts’s dozens of run-ins with the law dating back to the early ’90s and served time behind bars.

Potts was convicted of stalking and murdering Nailah Franklin back in 2007. He met Nailah Franklin after he got out of jail.

The two dated for a bit, but once Franklin found out about Potts’s lengthy criminal background, she ended the relationship and told friends, which  angered him.

Today the court heard how Potts threatened to have a Chicago police officer who refused to take a police report he wanted to file against someone else because he knew people.

Cook County jail operations director Terry Williams testified that Potts has been a high risk-inmate since Day 1 who has been involved in 189 violent encounters with staff or other inmates leading to almost 2,000 days of isolation.


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