Referendum to raise taxes for Warren Township schools voted down


LAKE COUNTY, Ill. — A referendum to raise taxes for schools in Warren Township in Lake County has been voted down — 55% voted against the measure and 44% voted in favor. 

Those pushing the tax increase said without it, significant cuts will have to made including to athletics and other clubs. Opponents called them scare tactics.

Voters in the area have only approved increases twice in the last 50 years — the last one was 20 years ago. 

The failed referendum would have generated about $7.8 million more for the district.  

Critics of the tax increase said the district needs work with the budget they already have — the superintendent warned if it didn’t pass, the district would have a massive deficit. Right now, the district has a current deficit of about $550,000. He also said the district could run out of money by May and that’s with the significant cuts they’ve already made. 

Part of those staff cuts included more than a dozen teachers.


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