Red Cross in Chicago standing by to help with hurricane aide

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CHICAGO —  As Hurricane Patricia bears down on Mexico’s Pacific Coast, The American Red Cross is standing by.

Before lending a hand they would need a request for assistance from their counterparts in Mexico.

If the call comes, it’s people like Patricia Kemp who would respond.

“We are monitoring the storm and just kind of seeing how this is going develop,” she said.  “It’s still so early to know. With disaster you never know what’s going to happen. That’s why we’re monitoring now and taking precautions so we can respond if needed.”

Early this month, Kemp traveled to South Carolina during the massive floods.

“Anybody that needed a place to stay or a hot meal, we were there to took care of them,” Kemp said.  “Also for people whose homes were flooded out, we were able to mobilize very quickly as well and bring in supplies like cleanup kits and shampoo and soap.  Things like that that just get washed away in a flood.”

Mexican Americans in Chicago are tracking Hurricane Patricia’s path.

Efrain Madrigal worries that record-breaking storm will obliterate homes along its path.

“I feel sorry for the people because the houses where they can stay are not really prepared for that,” Madrigal said.

The Mexican Consulate in Chicago says it’s monitoring the storm but will wait and see before responding.

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