CHICAGO – It might be something for the birds, but it could end up causing harm to homeowners.

That’s why a version of a bird bath is being recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission this week

Birds Choice Hanging and Pole-Mounted Acrylic Bird Baths have been recalled due to a fire hazard. This includes the clear version along with the ones that are red or yellow.

Per the CPSC, when sunlight goes through the bird bath’s acrylic surfaces and goes on wood surfaces it can overheat, which could create a fire hazard. There have been two reports of decks or siding “overheating, smoking, fire and scorching,” but no injuries have been reported.

Backyard Nature Products is offering a full refund for the bird bath.

Here are the product affected by the recall:

AAP206Clear Pole Mounted Bird Bath789453960030
AAP214Red Pole Mounted Bird Bath789453960047
AAP216Yellow Pole Mounted Bird Bath789453960054
AAH206Clear Hanging Bird Bath789453960009
AAH214Red Hanging Bird Bath789453960016
AAH216Yellow Hanging Bird Bath789453960023

For more information on the product’s recall, click here.