(KTLA) – Actress Rebel Wilson seems to have gotten into a little bit of trouble at the Happiest Place on Earth.

During an interview with Hasan Minhaj on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” Wilson said she got banned from the Anaheim theme park for 30 days because she took a photo in a secret bathroom — which is apparently a huge no-no at Disneyland.

“They called me up and said, ‘Rebel what 30 days did you not want to come to Disneyland because you’ll be filming a movie or something?'” she explained.

The “Pitch Perfect” star said she told them June would be ideal.

“That’s how I know you’re a celebrity,” laughed Minhaj, who was serving as guest host on the satirical news program

“Disneyland has like Met Gala rules, where they’re like, ‘No photos here,’ but then you break it and they’re like, ‘Look, we have to punish you, but looking at your Google calendar, what month works for you?'” he joked.

Wilson also discussed her knowledge of Disneyland “gangs,” claiming they consist of adults with names like the White Rabbits or Children of Thanos, and they wear matching vests and walk around the resort “doing gang stuff.”

She alleged that one initiation into the “gang” was to steal the apple from the Snow White Ride. Wilson said that it happened so often, officials changed the apple into a hologram.

“Don’t ask me how I know about Disneyland gangs, because I will not say,” she said.

There’s no question she’s a big fan of the park.

In February, Wilson got engaged to beau Ramona Agruma in Disneyland. The couple started dating in 2021 and made it official on Instagram in June 2022.

“I thought I was searching for a Disney prince, but maybe what I really needed all this time was a Disney princess,” she said in the post.

Wilson did not say when she took the bathroom selfie that led to her future ban from the park, nor did she reveal where the restroom was located.