Rally held in Crystal Lake to demand in-person learning


CRYTAL LAKE, Ill. — High school students and parents in Crystal Lake are rallying in a push to resume in-person learning.

Students and event organizers rallied Tuesday night in front of Prairie Ridge High School. Organizers intended for the event to be a place for people to come together to get students back in school.

However, at one point, people began to cheer for the Confederate flag. Some of them held signs supporting President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. Some wore Make America Great Again hats. According to organizers, they did not intend for the event to be political.

“The main focus today is getting the kids back in school and putting the kids in the best position they can be in,” Steve Smith, co-organizer of the rally, said. “As parents, we don’t want this to be political and maybe we should make that a little more clear.”

“I think that’s unfortunate. Very unfortunate. Cause in my estimate this shouldn’t be anything about, the only thing it should be about is getting kids back in school safely and that should be our primary and only focus when it comes to the education of children,” Olson said.

Organizers said the actual message of this event shouldn’t be overshadowed. This group wants their kids back in school learning and socializing.

“We support parents we support our teachers and we need them back in school the kids are falling behind. They need mental health they need social activity . They need to be together,” Cassandra Bajak said.

Whether or not kids go back into the classroom will be decided Sept. 29 in a special district meeting. If the decision is made to bring back in-person learning, students will start hybrid learning Oct. 13. The superintendent said they laid out a plan Aug. 17 that he said is effective and will keep kids safe. 


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