Skilling: Heavy rains to hit Chicago-area starting tonight

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Waves of rainfall associated with the third spring storm to sweep the Midwest and Chicago metro areas in under a week could generate the region’s biggest rain tally since  late October.

A suite of computer-generated rain forecasts is placing Chicago area rain tallies in the 0.98” to 2.42” range. That’s quite a rain!  An amount of more than 1.17 inches would exceed 2014’s highest tally to-date —the 1.16″ which fell on Feb. 20. It would become the heaviest total recorded here since 1.59” fell Oct. 30-31.

Heaviest rains to hit in two waves—the first overnight into Thursday morning; a 2nd Thursday night

The incoming storm system is to produce rainfall in a series of waves beginning Wednesday night.

The two heaviest periods of precipitation appear likely to occur Wednesday night into Thursday morning and again Thursday night.

Thunderstorms are likely to occur with this developing weather system. The moisture fueling the storm is riding northward through 80-degree and warmer air within its southern flank.

More at Chicago Weather Center.


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