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**WARNING: Videos contain language that be offensive to some viewers**

CHICAGO – An apparently racially-fueled brawl broke out in the Wrigley Field bleachers after Monday night’s loss to the Pittsburgh Pirates, with at least one person caught on video shouting racial slurs as security struggled to separate the participants.

One video of the fight was posted on Twitter at 10:19 p.m. by @SonRanto after the team’s 5-1 loss. It was also the team’s Hispanic Heritage Day.

The video shows several people fighting, while others attempt to separate two men from the group. One man is heard repeatedly yelling, “There’s no fighting in the bleachers!”

A woman is heard shouting, “Stop it!” while a man shouts, “He hit me in the face!”

As the fight dies down, one man is heard shouting a racial slur targeted at Hispanic people. In response, the fight starts again. Security is then seen trying to intervene. A woman is heard yelling at the security guards that they will “never know what it’s like.”

On Twitter, one user asked what started the fight, to which the person who posted the video responded, “Racism.”

The twitter user then posted a second video around 1 a.m. A man can be seen more clearly on that second video shouting racial slurs at another man. He then shouts to the person recording to stop recording him. Security can be seen trying to separate everyone in the brawl.

Security can also be heard on the same video telling the person recording that because they are on private property, they are not allowed to record. The video then cuts off.

Chicago police said they received a complaint about the incident. They said Wrigley security and detectives interviewed the individuals involved. No charges have been filed and police said the people involved are cooperating.

The Cubs said all parties involved in the fight were escorted out of the stadium and interviewed by officials. They said they have zero tolerance against fighting.

Read the full statement:

All parties involved in the altercation were escorted out the ballpark and interviewed by police and security.  There was no conclusion as to what started or who instigated the fight last night.  No charges were filed and no arrests were made.  We have a zero tolerance against fighting so the individuals involved will be barred from Wrigley Field for the remainder of 2018.