R. Kelly’s new attorney says, ‘Enough is enough’

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CHICAGO — R. Kelly’s new lawyer, Raed Shalabi, is demanding a level playing field after the Lifetime Network aired multiple shows featuring alleged victims of the R&B singer.

On Tuesday, his lawyer sat down to speak with WGN’s Micah Materre. His message: Enough is enough.

After the Lifetime docuseries “Surviving R. Kelly” aired, a press conference was held by the Cook County prosecutor inviting others to come forward. Charges were then filed.

A two-hour followup to the docuseries aired on May 4 calling “Surviving R. Kelly: The Impact.”

Shalabi said the alleged victims are after book deals and big dollars. He’s working ahead of the trial to set the record straight for the public.

“I have a problem with Mr. Kelly not being able to get his side out and the court of public opinion being swayed by a production,” Shalabi said.

“People are out for his money,” Shalabi said. “He’s being extorted. Mr. Kelly is being railroaded. Have you ever seen a case where the prosecutor puts her phone in the middle of the room and says ‘Give me a call if you have a problem with this person?’ That’s being railroaded.”

As for the singer’s controversial and raw interview on CBS in March, his lawyer said “of course he’s emotional.”

“If someone is filing false charges against you, it’s very serious. You’re gonna be emotional. And he let that out and I don’t see that as being a big problem,” the attorney said.

Shalabi said his client is keeping busy recording new music about seven to eight hours a day and is booking shows.

While Kelly does have some literacy issues, Shalabi says, the whole idea of being illiterate and unable to read a court document was unfair. He said Kelly was behind bars when he was served papers on a separate case.

“Reports that he is illiterate are false,” he said. “No they are not false. He does have an issue with reading.”

These days, the R&B star and his lawyer are looking forward to Kelly’s day in court when a jury gets the last word.

He said he believes his client will be acquitted.

The singer is due back in court at the end of June.

His lawyer did not care to discuss his client’s financial status, but did say R. Kelly wants his life back. He  said that right now, he feels like he is living under a microscope.


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