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CHICAGO — Quintonio LeGrier called 911 three times on the morning after Christmas to seek help from Chicago police shortly before he was shot and killed by an officer who responded to his father’s West Side residence, according to newly released recordings by the Independent Police Review Authority.

“I need to talk to an officer,” LeGrier, 19, identifying himself only as “Q,” told a dispatcher. “Someone’s threatening my life.”

LeGrier was fatally shot six times by Officer Robert Rialmo outside his father’s residence in the 4700 block of West Erie Street after allegedly swinging a baseball bat at the officer.

The autopsy said he had marijuana in his system.

Bettie Jones, 55, another resident in the building, was also fatally shot by the same officer in what police have called an accident.

“During the course of this investigation, the Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communication recently identified and provided IPRA with two additional 911 calls placed by Quintonio LeGrier prior to the incident,” said IPRA.

“It’s just amazing to me that Quintonio dealt with from the city, he’s met with just incompetence and impropriety, unprofessionalism…from being hung up to being shot in the back four times. It’s amazing,” said Bill Foutris, an attorney for the LeGrier family.

The Office of Emergency Management and Communications said disciplinary proceedings are underway for the operator who handled the call at 4:18 a.m. for not following proper protocol.

“Call takers are required to ask specific questions to determine the nature of the event, determine if such a request warrants and emergency response and dispatch proper resources.  Call takers follow specific protocols and may only terminate a call as a last resort,” said the OEMC.

The call taker will remain in service until the discipline process is complete, but the OEMC didn’t say when that would be.

There have already been wrongful-death lawsuits filed against the city of Chicago, accusing the officers of misconduct.

The Chicago Tribune contributed to this report.

Listen to the four 911 calls released by IPRA below:

Quintonio LeGrier 911 call at 4:18 a.m., Dec. 26, 2015

Quintonio LeGrier 911 call at 4:20 a.m., Dec. 26, 2015

Quintonio LeGrier 911 call at 4:21 a.m., Dec. 26, 2015

Quintonio LeGrier 911 call at 4:24 a.m., Dec. 26, 2015

Here are parts of the 911 calls transcribed:

LeGrier: “I just need an officer there, ok?”

Operator: “No, it don’t work like that. What’s your emergency?”

LeGrier: “I need to talk to an officer.”

Officer: “Ok, what’s wrong?”

LeGrier: “I need to talk to an officer.”

Operator: “You can talk to an officer, I can patch you to one if you want.”

LeGrier: “Someone’s threatening my life.”

Operator: “Is the person with you there now?

LeGrier: “Yes.”

Operator: “Are you in a house or an apartment?

LeGrier: “I’m in a house.”

Operator: “And your name?”

LeGrief: “Q.”

Operator: “What the last name?”

LeGrier: “Can you send an officer?”

Operator: “Yeah, when you answer the question.”

LeGrier: “There’s an emergency. Can you send an officer?”

Operator: “As soon as you answer these questions. What’s your last name?”

LeGrier: “It’s an emergency!”

Operator: “OK, if you can’t answer the questions, I’m gonna hang up.”

LeGrier: “I need the police!”

Operator: “Terminating the call.”



Le: Can you please send the police?

O: “Sir! Your name?”

LeGrier: “Can you please send the police?”

O: After you tell me what’s going on, what’s your name?

LeGrier: “Can you please send the police?”



Operator: “What’s wrong?”

LeGrier: “Someone’s threatening my life.”

Operator: “Who? Where are they now?”

LeGrier: “They’re at the house.”

Operator: “What’s your name?”
LeGrier: “Q.”

Operator: “Where are you gonna be, Q?”

LeGrier: “Are you gonna send the police, I already…Man, f*** this.”


CALL 4 made by Antonio LeGrier, Quintonio’s father:

Antonio LeGrier: “My son is attempting to break inside my bedroom door.”

Operator: “Is this a house or apartment?

Antonio LeGrier: “House. 2nd floor.”

Operator: “It’s on the 2nd floor? Ok, Is he carrying any weapons?”

Antonio LeGrier: “He’s got a baseball bat in his hand right now.”

Operator: “How old is he?”

Antonio LeGrier: “19.”

Operator: “Has he been drinking?”

Antonio LeGrier: “No.”

Operator: “What’s your name sir?”

Antonio LeGrier: “Antonio LeGrier.”

Operator: “Ok, watch for the police.”