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#CurlingisCoolFool — that’s what Mr. T discovered during the recent Winter Olympics.

The actor/athlete even gave the U.S. Men’s Curling Team some extra motivation before taking on Sweden. And the team brought home the gold!

So why does Mr. T love curling? He stopped by WGN Morning News Wednesday, and we asked him about it. He said he’d never watched the sport until this year’s Olympic Games.

“This is new! This is new! I was watching the Olympics, and then I tweeted out, I said, ‘Hey I’m watching the Olympics and I’m watching stuff I never watched before, like curling.’ Then I said, ‘Curling fool, you got me!’ And then they picked it up!” Mr. T said.

He continued: “I’m sort of embarrassed by everything with the curling, but I’m excited about it, I like it, because it looks so graceful when they do it right. They make it look so easy. And I say, ‘hey I could do that!’ because I play football, I box, and all that, so it’s like an easy sport for me to do. I mean, it’s not easy but it would be fun for me. It’s not contact, ya know?”

Mr. T’s continued to tweet about curling throughout the games, and his affection for the sport went viral. WGN Morning News anchor Robin Baumgarten says now Mr. T should JOIN the U.S. Men’s Curling Team for the next Winter Olympics!

Mr. T also talked about his charity work and even played Bozo’s Grand Prize Game live on WGN. You can watch his full interview in the player above.