Protest held at police station in Englewood


CHICAGO — Tensions were high during a protest outside the 7th district police station in Englewood.

Organizers from groups like Black Lives Matter and Good Kids Mad City planned a rally outside the police station Tuesday night on 63rd Street. Some residents sent a strong message to protesters saying, “If you’re not from Englewood, you don’t speak for Englewood.”

They were protesting the police shooting of a man in Englewood.

Chicago Police officers were stationed all around the station with some officers keeping watch from up above.

The protesters said they were standing in solidarity with the community. However, some Englewood residents did not feel the same way.

Darryl Smith and others from the community rallied back against the planned event and told protesters to leave.

Smith said he’s mad people are coming in from outside of their community to stir up trouble.

A protest was scheduled, rumor has it they were going to bust out the police windows,” Smith said. “No matter what they were going to do, they’re not going to antagonize our police and then go home to the North Side and Indiana. Our police are bitter and they’re beating up our little black boys, so we’re not going to have that.”

The group of protesters did end up leaving.


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