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CHICAGO — Red light cameras were first legalized in Illinois in 2006. But now they’re in the spotlight once again as corruption is discovered in the profitable industry.

A new bill proposed by Illinois State Senator Mattie Hunter would ban their use.

“We passed this bill in 2006, the original intent, and the original purpose was for public safety for our children, it’s not working,” said Hunter.

This comes just one week after former state Senator Martin Sandoval pleaded guilty to taking bribes from red light camera company SafeSpeed LLC.

It’s been a profitable industry.

Red light cameras have raised more than $1 billion in revenue between 2008 and 2018, according to a study by the Illinois Policy Institute.

Senator Hunter thinks that needs to stop.

“It’s gouged a billion dollars from the pockets of our residents here in the state of Illinois, and we’re taking it back because of the corruption, we’re taking it back, that’s what we’re doing.”

Another House bill also targeting red light cameras has passed committee, but it doesn’t apply to all Illinois  municipalities.

Both bills have to be voted on before they become law.