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CHICAGO – A program in Chicago is encouraging kids to put down the guns and pick up the boxing gloves.

Dozens of kids living in the area of 16th and Avers in Chicago’s North Lawndale neighborhood are part of the Boxing Out Negativity program started

The neighborhood is no stranger to drugs, guns and gang violence.

Boxing is a way to keep those negative influences away.

Derek Brown Sr started the program.

“Most of the children in North Lawndale love to fight,” he says. “So we take it to the ring to box out negativity. It’s a way of life.”

The effort comes amid what CPD calls “strategic anti-violence raids” that began yesterday and run through tonight targeting gang and gun offenders in several West and South Side neighborhoods.

58 people were arrested. 10 of those people were previously arrested on gun charges.  41 are documented gang members and 11 were on parole already. 38 are previously convicted felons, police say.