‘Probable’ tornado among weird weather reported in Waukegan

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WAUKEGAN, Ill. — The National Weather Service said a ‘probable’ tornado was reported in Waukegan Tuesday evening. The NWS is working with the Lake County Emergency Manager to review photos of damage. If necessary, they will send a team to Lake County to survey the damage. A waterspout and microburst were also reported in the area. The microburst may have been what led to a car crash around 6:40 p.m. Tuesday near Lewis Avenue and York House Road in Beach Park. Witnesses said the sunny day went dark and a funnel cloud dropped out of the sky. The twister got ahold of the car as the driver was trying to speed away and slammed into a light post. The Waukgean Fire Department says high winds flipped a car, leaving a person with what were described as minor injuries.


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