Pritzker visits Washington as President Biden touts infrastructure plan


WASHINGTON — Governor Pritkzer was at the White House as President Biden pitched his infrastructure plan to a group of governors and mayors Wednesday.

The Washington infrastructure deal would spend hundreds of billions of dollars on construction of roads, bridges and highways. It would also expand transit and provide high-speed internet access in rural areas.

“It’s a bipartisan plan. I think we’re in good shape. There may be some slight adjustments in order to pay for it. That’s going to get down to what the Congress wants to do,” President Biden said.

A veteran of Washington, the president predicts the bill will pass with Republican support because both parties back infrastructure spending.

It’s extraordinarily important to us across the nation to rebuild our roads and our bridges, our waterways, our airports and broadband,” Pritzker said.

The plan will need 60 votes to pass and the Senate is divided 50-50. 

The president is also pushing a larger more partisan package that would include tax hikes on corporations and wealthy Americas to fund social programs. 

In Illinois, the legislature has already authorized major infrastructure spending through Governor Pritzker’s six-year $45 billion program.

“The federal bill allows us to do so much more to make it easier on working families across our state,” Gov. Pritzker said.

While Washington Democrats try to hold onto the bipartisan infrastructure deal, they’re aiming to pass a broader $3.5 trillion bill funding social program without GOP support.

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