President Trump rallies in Milwaukee on Democratic debate night

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MILWAUKEE, Wisc. — On Tuesday night, President Trump held a rally not far from where Democrats will hold their convention this summer.

Wisconsin is a crucial November battleground, one of a handful of states expected to decide the election.

“America is winning again. America is thriving again,” Trump said. “And America is respected like never before.”

To energize the crowd, the president bragged about decimating ISIS and taking out Iranian General Qasem Soleimani.

“If you want to keep America safe, just vote Republican,” Trump said.

Trump dismissed his impeachment trial now expected to begin in a matter of days.

“Impeachment is a hoax,” Trump said.

During his remarks, which lasted 90 minutes, the president again and again returned to the central argument of his reelection bid - the economy is booming.

“We’ve created 7 million jobs since the election,” Trump said. “Nobody thought that was possible.”

Not every promise has been kept. In 2017, the president held up the Foxconn project and its promise of 13,000 jobs. But so far the company has failed to deliver.

But the Trump faithful, who braved the cold standing outside for hours, did not want to hear it.

He’s keeping his promises, following through on everything he promised and he’s making America great,” Linda Murbach said.

In another sign of just how important Wisconsin is to the Trump reelection strategy, Vice President Pence addressed the crowd before the president.


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