President, nation mourns for Newtown victims

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The memorial in Newtown that started with a few candles, just keeps on growing. There’s another one, larger still, over by the village’s Christmas tree.

Newtown residents were joined in their time of sorrow by the president.

President Obama, like parents across the country, is trying to get his arms around this back in his role of consoler-in-chief.  It’s the fourth time he’s travelled to a city after a mass shooting.

The inconsolable families of the tiny victims- starting to speak, issue statements and release photos of the little ones who won’t be with them this Christmas.  There’s the story of one young survivor, who ran past the gunman to safety after seeing his teacher get shot. He still doesn’t know she was killed.”

“He keeps asking about her,” one parent said, “and I think he’s reassuring himself that she’s going to be OK. He really, really, really cared about his teacher. He was very close with her, and she really loved that class. And, he keeps saying, “I really hope she’s OK. I hope it’s not her.””

Police say their investigation’s progressing rapidly; that it was an ar-15 bushmaster assault-style rifle the gunman used in the school– one of two pistols that he used on himself that he had hundreds of rounds of ammunition, likely prepared for a larger massacre that may have been cut short.

Police are withholding a lot of information– reiterating Sunday night that there are a lot of answers they just do not have. They are promising another update Monday morning.


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