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CHICAGO — An exhibit in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood is part of a new education campaign called Stop Everyday Killers.

Felicia Miceli lost her son Louie in 2012. He was 24.  After sports injuries, he got hooked on prescription painkillers. Then he turned to heroin.

“I asked Louie ‘I got a phone call someone said you’re taking heroin,’” she says. “He fell to his knees crying and he said ‘I don’t know how his happened to me.’ I remember like yesterday. He didn’t see it coming either from pills then to heroin. It was a shock.”

This afternoon, Miceli joined the National Safety Council and the Lieutenant Governor at 1714 N. Damen for the unveiling of the Prescribed to Death memorial.

“This exhibit I think is so impactful,” Miceli says.

The striking display features a wall with 22,000 pills, each representing someone who died mostly from prescription opioid overdoses

A National Safety Council poll found 1 in 4 Americans are directly impacted by opioid misuse. They want people to do two things: Have a conversation with your medical provider about what drugs you’re taking and clean out your medicine cabinets.

The exhibit also has a small room dedicated to Louie. Felicia hopes her son’s story will help save lives.

“We don’t want our kids to be forgotten… we want to have their lives mean something.”

The exhibit is free and open to the public every day through November 16th. Then it will travel to different cities across the country for the next few months.

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