SKOKIE, Ill. — Businesses have been unable to function in a Skokie office building for days due to an electric issue.

Over the weekend, the electricity at a building in the 9900 block of Lawler Avenue went out.

Dentist Dr. Jessie Kunnel operates her practice on the fourth floor and has not been able to see patients.

“It’s very humid, there’s no lights at all,” she said. “The staircase the first day had emergency lighting — now there’s no lights at all.”

On Monday, ComEd sent an update saying they had fixed a transformer, but now tenants learned there are further complications.

“When I call the building, they say it’s a problem with the city and the wiring they’re working on it and doing their best,” Dr. Kunnel said.

Dr. Kunnel and other business owners posted signs at the front door telling patients and customers about the outage.

“We operate on a server from the office,” Dr. Kunnel said. “I have no access to my patient’s schedule. No access to who’s coming today, who’s not coming today.”

So, Dr. Kunnel had to sit in her car outside the practice to tell patients what is going on.

ComEd said they fixed a transformer on Sunday and the utility company said the current issue is an “isolated incident” that falls on Imperial Realty’s shoulders.

Imperial Realty told WGN News they have engineers working on the problem and said when the power surge happened, it caused damage to wiring and other electrial equiptment.

When asked what they will do the help the business owners affected, Imperial is offering office space in another building they own.

For medical practices like Dr. Kunnel’s dentistry, they said that is not realistic.