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With medical marijuana one step away from being legalized in Illinois some argue there is something missing from House Bill 30.

A California veterinarian has taken on the topic of medical marijuana for pets.

Illinois House passes medical marijuana billDr. Doug Kramer says it may have the same pain management effects in pets as well.

Linda Demien tried administering the drug to her cat as it went through chemotherapy and she would like lawmakers nationwide to set up some guidelines to allow the drug be used for pets.  Damien says, “ I did whatever I could to get her to eat because it was important that she maintain her weight.”

Damien is not alone in her attempt.  Pet owners are giving the drug to animals more than ever.  The nationwide Animal Poison Control Hotline says the number of calls went up by 10-15% in the last 6 months because of the legalization of marijuana.

For now the idea of making some pet provision in any bill legalizing marijuana for pets is unlikely.  Lawmakers fear it would make it easier for the drug to get into the wrong hands.