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The extreme cold is causing the United States Postal Service to suspend delivery Wednesday, including western Illinois.

In a statement, USPS said:

Due to projected deteriorating weather conditions related to Polar Vortex Jayden, postal delivery operations will be suspended for the following areas:

  • Minnesota
  • Western Wisconsin
  • Iowa
  • Western Illinois

“Retail operations at local offices will be available, but may be limited. There will be no collection mail pick up from businesses or collection boxes. Additionally, there will be no residential or commercial package pick-up services,” the statement said.

Delivery is also suspended in South Dakota, potions of Montana, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska.

As for delivery in the Chicago area, the USPS said the weather could “curtail” delivery plans.

The Chicago zip codes impacted are: 606, 607 and 608

Other zip codes impacted in Illinois are: 601, 603 – 605, 609, 613, 614, 616, 617

USPS released this statement:

The Postal Service takes great pride in safely delivering mail to every address in America. While the goal is to finalize mail delivery to every customer, variables such as challenging weather conditions may affect delivery times. Under severe extreme conditions, including extreme cold, mail delivery may be curtailed with plans for next delivery day. The safety of employees is always the main priority.

Employees know how to work safely, dress appropriately, and to report any unsafe conditions to their supervisors. We continually provide information to our employees about safety precautions during challenging weather conditions.

We stress the need to dress appropriately in multiple layers to stay warm and dry. This includes protecting areas of the body so the face, hands and feet are not exposed to the elements, which can lead to frostbite. Additionally, employees are instructed to take warm breaks as needed and to remain hydrated throughout the day.

We ask our customers to please remove any snow and ice that would impede delivery to ensure that carriers have a clear path to the mailbox. It would also be helpful if business customers can provide carriers a warming station if the need should arise.

Thank you for your support of our employees as they work to serve you. Thank you for understanding that employee safety is our top priority which may result in curtailed delivery because of extreme cold.