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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — Lawmakers in Springfield are considering a budget proposal that could cut funding to prisons and social services.

With a budget deadline looming, lawmakers are under pressure to pass a spending plan by Thursday.

It appears, the proposal coming together could mean more spending cuts to the prison system and social services.

According to the Tribune, negotiations have centered on limiting state spending to $38.5 billion, partly by cutting funds to the department of corrections and the department of human services by $47-million.

Governor Rauner continues to insist on a balanced budget with no new taxes.

But in the House, state reps spent more than an hour on Tuesday debating a proposed graduated income tax which was put forth by House Speaker Mike Madigan.

The resolution to do away with the flat tax did not include specific percentages, just the idea to have proportional rates for different income levels.

Opponents claim it would deplete the Illinois population even more.

The resolution did not pass with even some democrats voting against.

However, democrats still want specific rates to be debated by the general assembly later this year.

The governor and legislative leaders are meeting again today.

House Republican leader Jim Durkin is expressing confidence that there will be a budget deal for lawmakers to vote on by the end of Thursday.