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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KXRM) — Many people say they know someone who has had a package stolen from outside their home, according to CSPD.

Porch pirate prankster Christine Hyatt said, “I’ve had packages stolen multiple times,” and she’s had enough.

“I went ahead and said hey let’s box up some trash and see if someone takes it,” Hyatt said.

Not much to anyone’s surprise, her decoy packages were gone within hours. Gifting holiday package thieves with something unexpected.

Hyatt talked about her next round stating, “we’ve got diapers and cat poo and lots of trash, and then there’s a very lovely sign, the sign says ‘Me 3 you 0’ and it has a couple of profanity words.’”

So when a porch pirate opens their stolen loot, they get a mess. Her tactics may seem funny, but the problem isn’t.

“Just leave the stuff alone, the real situation is my daughter’s medication is delivered, and she spends hundreds of dollars on her stuff and to have it stolen, and we can’t get it replaced without paying out of pocket, that really aggravates the crap out of me,” said Hyatt.

She hopes these little payback packages will prevent thefts in the future for her and her neighbors.