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CHICAGO — A bike ride home from a church festival ended with a popular pizza deliveryman hit by two freight trains.

The crossing at 60th and Narragansett in Garfield Ridge is back to work this afternoon, after last night’s accident that left 52-year-old Nick Fox critically injured.

His cousin, Ann Marie Macha, said that everyone in Garfield Ridge knows Nick as the long time pizza guy at Obbie’s on Archer.

“Nicky was a wonderful man, always nice, had a kind heart,” Macha said. “Everybody on Archer Street knows him. He’s an icon. He’s like a legend. He’s got his own little followers. I’ve seen morning but good things on Facebook ‘Nicky get well, we’re all pulling for you.’”

His manager, Jim Tarlak, said Nick left work about 4:30 Sunday afternoon on his bike, stopping first at the St. Daniel’s Church festival nearby, before heading home.

“Good guy, hard worker. There aren’t too many people that can say anything bad about him,” Tarlak said.

For family the question remains how it happened.  Nick was prone to seizures, but it’s not known if any medical condition may have lead to the accident that has him  unresponsive and fighting for his life tonight.

A former co-worker has set up a GoFundMe page to help Nick’s family deal with medical expenses.