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CHICAGO It’s been a long time since pop-up markets have had a chance to shine and show off small businesses. This weekend, one of the first came back to Chicago.

The ‘Market for Makers’ in Ravenswood had a long line growing outside the location, and while masks are required, there is no covering up enthusiasm for those here.

“I’m just happy to be back in front of my customers,” Danielle Schultz of Marigold Mary Jewelry said.

Schultz is among the 60 vendors of all stripes, most of them local, finding their footing as businesses reopen.

“It’s been a very long year, so many festivals and fairs have been canceled, and I’m just thrilled we have the opportunity to be in person and I get to see all my pieces on people,” Schultz said.

Capacity is still limited to 60 percent inside, but it gives vendors more space to spread out and look to grow.

The Shudio, from Pilsen, brought out plants of all varieties to the market as more people gained an interest in house plants during the pandemic.

“I think because everyone was stuck at home, they suddenly realized that they wanted to bring some life into their space and what better way to do it than a bunch of greenery,” Mel Kinzie of The Shudio said.

Upstairs in the market, it was tea time with a Roseland couple showing off their ‘Tea-Fusion’ business that began during the pandemic.

“A lot of people have been concerned about what’s going in our bodies, and we only use all natural ingredients. All fresh fruits, green tea and raw sugar and ginger root,” Nawana Walton said.

Being able to finally show case their products in person makes a big difference.

For Danielle, the changes have been very good, as the pandemic forced her to ask for help for their first time. She’s glad to be back.

“I know that we’ve had a lot of government help, we’ve had a lot of local help, there’s nothing like being in front of customers and now that Chicago is opening up again, we finally have the opportunity to do what we do,” Schultz said.

The market is back at the end of June, and more information can be found here.