Votes still being counted in close aldermanic races

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CHICAGO — Days after the election, three Chicago aldermanic races have yet to be called.

Vote counting continues at Chicago’s Board of Elections. Judges are counting mail-in ballots and will keep counting until the state deadline.

Friday, judges of elections 3,000-plus vote by mail ballots that arrived late Monday, Election Day and Wednesday.

As long as the ballots were post marked on or before Election Day, those votes will count.  And in least three aldermanic races those votes could make a difference.

In the 46th Ward James Cappleman is about 50 votes ahead of Marianne Lalond.  In the 33rd Ward Alderman Deb Mell is trailing Rossana Rodriguez by about 20 votes.  And in the 5th Ward, Leslie Hairston is fighting off a strong challenge from community activist William Calloway, who’s about 150 votes behind.

Just four years ago in the 10th Ward, fewer than 10 votes separated Susan Sadlowski Garza and then-Alderman John Pope on Election Night.  Garza wound up upsetting Pope by about 20 votes when the counting was done.

As far as a recount goes, there is no automatic recall in close elections like in other parts of the country.  If a candidate wants to a recount they have to file suit and a judge would have to order it.



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