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With just over two weeks left until the presidential election, President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden held rallies in swing states, firing attacks at one another.

“Joe Biden is and always has been the corrupt politician,” Trump said at a rally in Carson City, Nevada Sunday.

Biden rallied in Durham, North Carolina, a state that the Democrats have not won since Barack Obama carried the state in 2008. The former Vice President attacked Trump’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“He tried to claim with Woodward, he didn’t want to panic the American people. The American people do not panic, Trump panicked,” Biden said.

Trump warned at the Nevada rally that Biden’s coronavirus plan will hurt the economy. Republicans have not won Nevada in a presidential election since 2004, when George W. Bush narrowly won the state.

Trump is trailing Biden in fundraising, and said Sunday he could raise a lot more than he has, adding that he does not want to be beholden to special interests.

“When you do that you don’t have to say anything, when they call in you three months and they say they need help with this, with that, it’s very hard, like sort of morally,” Trump said at the rally.

The candidates are scheduled to meet face-to-face Thursday in the final presidential debate.