Roskam, Casten talk health care, gun control, immigration at final debate before elections

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CHICAGO — Incumbent Republican U.S. Rep. Peter Roskam and Democratic challenger Sean Casten went head-to-head at a debate Monday evening.

For a half hour, all eyes were on the two men running for a congressional seat. Roskam is trying to hold onto his seat and keep Casten in the business world instead of politics, while Casten is trying to unseat the representative. The two answers questions ranging from tax cut bills to the ballooning deficit that followed.

Roskam voted against the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, but said he doesn’t want people denied healthcare who have preexisting conditions—something Obamacare protected.

He said he has other ideas to fix health care in the country.

“Let’s take the existing structure of the Affordable Care Act, the catastrophic coverage, which I think has a deductible of about $6,000. Here’s what we said: Keep the existing program, attach a health savings account for that…do it on tax free basis,” Roskam said.

Casten said Obamacare can be built on.

“If you want cheaper, better care you can look around and say we need something that’s got the ACA, public option, expansion of Medicare and we should do that because it will make us more economically better off and healthier,” Casten said.

With thousands of migrants heading to the U.S.-Mexico boarder, the two candidates were asked about immigration

Casten said Roskam voted against comprehensive immigration reform, birthright citizenship and voted against to deport people who self-identified under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA.

Roskam said he is “not for the wall, per say,” but wants more border security and wants to end child separation.

They were both asked yes or no questions about gun control:

Should there be a ban on assault weapons?
Roskam: No, we need to make sure that it’s balanced.
Casten: Yes, without question.

Should there be a ban on bump stocks?
Roskam: Yes, without question.
Casten: Yes.

Should there be a ban on high capacity magazines?
Roskam: Ban them.
Casten: Yes.


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