Richton Park nursing home residents continue to wait for mail-in ballots

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RICHTON PARK, Ill. — With just seven days left until the 2020 United States elections, residents at The Landmark of Richton Park, a suburban nursing home, are still waiting for their mail-in ballots.

74-year-old Steven Chisick is a veteran with disabilities, and is a resident at The Landmark. Chisick said due to COVID-19 restrictions in nursing homes, 165 residents applied to vote by mail.

“We applied in the first week of September,” Chisick said.

Chisick said he has called every number he could think of in search of answers. He was first told the ballots had not been mailed yet, before being told they were mailed earlier this month. Finally, Chisick received an e-mail today, notifying him that the ballots will be dropped off on Thursday.

James Nally, the Cook County Clerk of Elections Legal Counsel ensured that the ballots will be delivered Thursday.

“We are operating under a court order that we will be delivering ballots Thursday in the facilities from 9:00 a.m. to noon. They can vote by mail or under Illinois law designate, put it in the drop box,” Nally said.

Despite the numerous challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, suburban Cook County is on pace to shatter all previous records for voter turnout and early voting, according to Cook County Clerk Karen Yarbrough.

As for Chisick, he’s never missed an election, even while in Vietnam. Not being able to vote in 2020 is not an option for the veteran.

“I don’t care who you vote for. It’s something you’ve earned. It’s precious and I’m not giving it up easy,” Chisick said.


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