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CHICAGO — The Illinois primary is just days away.

According to a WGN-TV/Emerson College poll, Joe Biden is the front runner in Illinois. By a wide-margin voters support Biden over Bernie Sanders. According to the poll, 56.6% of Illinois voters choose Biden, 36.2% support Sanders.

That support, according to the poll, is locked in with 80.7% of voters saying they will definitely stick with their candidate of choice. Only 19.3% say there’s a chance they could change their mind. That gives you a sense that Sunday night’s debate with just Biden and Sanders might be too late to shake up the nominating contest.

The poll also asked voters to choose their single most important issue in settling on a candidate. Voters are looking at electability:

  • 39. 8% said they want someone who can beat President Donald Trump.
  • 29.5% said health care
  • 12.7% said the economy

The poll asked which Democratic presidential candidate has the best health care policy and it’s a statistical dead heat, within our poll’s margin of error.

  • 50.2% said Bernie Sanders
  • 49.8% said Joe Biden

In terms of the Cook County State’s Attorney race, the incumbent Kim Foxx came out on top.

  • Kim Foxx 36.3%
  • Boll Conway 20.3%
  • Donna More 4.8%
  • Bob Fioretti 4.3%
  • 34.2% said they remain undecided

Voters were also asked if they approve or disapprove of Trump’s pardoning of former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

  • 71.8% of voters disapprove
  • 28.2% approve.

Voters were asked if they are concerned about the impact medical and recreational marijuana laws with have on their communities.

  • 66% of voters said they are not concerned
  • 34% said they are.  

They were also asked about gun laws, specifically Senate Bill 1966, which would increase the Firearm Owner’s Identification cards fees and require fingerprinting for gun owners.

  • 81.1% of voters in survey support these measures
  • 18.9% do not

All data collected on March 11-12. 567 very likely primary voters. Margin of error: +/- 4.1%

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