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Two Democrats looking to help each other met in Chicago Friday. One wants a job in Washington. And if he gets it, he could help the other get her old job back: Speaker of the U.S. House.

Candidate for Congress Jesus Chuy Garcia and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi heard from community leaders and toured a South Side carpenter’s training facility.

“The issue of infrastructure offers great opportunity for ensuring that prosperity is spread throughout,” Garcia said. “There are many people in Chicago who need work. Our infrastructure is crumbling at some many points.”

Pelosi is working to strike a deal with Republicans on infrastructure. She says an infrastructure bill could create more good paying jobs.

The U.S. economy added 223,000 jobs last month bringing the unemployment rate to the lowest level since early 2000. But Pelosi says U.S. wages need a boost.

“This is the first time where unemployment is way low but need for public subsidy of people’s  lives is not going down because wages are not going up. And this is an immorality,” she said. “This is about good-paying jobs but it’s also about equity. We want everybody to be in on it in a diverse way.”

The politics of the camera-friendly event could not be denied. Pelosi has been meeting with Democratic congressional candidates like Garcia.

“He knows his subject matter,” she said. “He has a plan to bring people together to get the job done and I’ll look forward to working with him. … Illinois is going to be very important in this election.”

Pelosi also called a possible pardon for Rod Blagojevich a “distraction” and she says she hopes President Trump ends up meeting with the North Korean leader later this month.