Obama’s half-brother says he’ll vote for Trump

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Is blood really thicker than water? For the Obama family, the question is a loaded one.

President Obama’s half brother, Malik Obama, has not been pleased with his brother’s leadership and plans to vote Trump come November.

Long time Democrat, Malik Obama, 58, told the New York Post from his home in Kogela, Kenya, on why exactly he believes Trump will make for a better candidate.


“Make America Great Again is a great slogan. I would like to meet him [Donald Trump],” he told the Post.

Malik, a Muslim U.S. citizen has past experience as an accountant with residential status in Maryland, according to public record. He sympathizes with Trump’s stance regarding the ban on Muslims and feels it is understandable.

Malik criticized his brother’s progress in the White House, expressing his “deep disappointment” in regards to Barack’s efforts with helping the American people and their extended family in Kenya. Malik claims the killing one of his best friends Moammar Khadafy, Clinton not being persecuted for using a personal server and the idea of same sex marriage were the turning points that led Malik to change his vote. Malik is a self-proclaimed Polygamist with at least three wives, his most recent being 30 years his junior.

President Obama and his brother were said to be close once, but Malik comments, “He has not helped me at all.” Malik states he will continue to speak freely despite his brother being the President of the United States and “will not be put in a box” given Barack’s position.

“Honestly, I’ll be happy when my brother is out of office, and I will finally be out of the limelight and be able to live like a human being.”


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