CHICAGO — This weekend in Chicago marked the beginning of the final push for mayoral candidates ahead of the general election on Tuesday.

On Sunday afternoon, Willie Wilson made a stop at Greater Prayer Garden Church in Washington Park, telling voters he would eliminate crime and lower property taxes if elected.

“I think we are going to do well,” Wilson said. ” I think a lot of people are going to be surprised.”

United States Congressman Jesus ‘Chuy’ Garcia met with supporters in the 47th Ward at Welles Park in Lincoln Square, emphasizing he would invest in neglected communities to tackle crime.

Garcia’s investment plan mirrors that of other candidates, including Kam Buckner, who was at the King Health Center Sunday where he casted an early ballot.

“It’s not just a law enforcement situation,” Buckner said. “[We need] our schools, our community groups doing work on the ground to make sure we can prevent violence from happening in the first place.”

Alderwoman Sophia King had a meet and greet at Pearl’s Restaurant in Bronzeville, delivering a pitch to prospective voters that she has a track record of providing results, while other candidates are just making promises.

“I tell them I actually led the fight for a $15 dollar minimum wage,” King said. “And I’m leading one of [what] the [New York Times] is calling one of the equitable developments.”

Incumbent mayor Lori Lightfoot stopped by an event with the Black Fire Brigade, touting that homicides and shootings have dropped with her administration in office.

“I believe this is now a two person race between me and Paul Vallas,” Lightfoot said at the event. “The contrast cannot be more different.”

Vallas, meanwhile, made a stop on the city’s North Side, where he continued hammering home his campaign’s stance that he will prioritize public safety as a human right. When asked about how he felt the election cycle was going, Vallas said he feels confident where he stands.

“Hopefully, that’ll be the last finish line I’ll have to cross,” Vallas said. “But if we have to gear up for the second race, we’ll be well prepared.”