CHICAGO — Chicago mayoral candidates have a jammed packed weekend in the final days of what’s expected to be a very tight race.

Both candidates, Brandon Johnson and Paul Vallas, were out Friday trying to connect with voters in a race that will likely come down to turnout.

“As we approach April 4, the thought for me is what would he be thinking,” Martin Luther King III said. “I do know that he would be supporting Brandon Johnson.”

Martin Luther King III noted the significance of the upcoming Election Day and that face that it falls on the anniversary of his father’s assassination.

King III joined with Rev. Jesse Jackson and labor and faith leaders rallying behind Johnson in North Lawndale, near the site where the King family lived when Dr. Martin Luther King came to Chicago to fight for fair housing.

Later on Friday, Johnson and the City Treasurer met with residents at the early vote supersite in the loop.

Thursday night, the mayoral candidate was on stage with Senator Bernie Sanders rallying thousands of supporters. But Johnson is fending off criticism after reports he owes the city more than $3,000 in unpaid water bills.

“My budget is intact we were on a payment plan we’ll finish paying it off and I’ve managed multi payment structural deficit that my opponent caused,” Johnson said.

Paul Vallas paid a visit to the Downtown Islamic Center Friday and also received the endorsement of former white Sox manager Ozzie Guillen. 

On Friday, the group was working on sending relief supplies to residents impacted by last week’s tornadoes in Mississippi. 

Vallas has distanced himself from money donated in support of his campaign from a group founded by former Trump Education Secretary Betsy Devos.

He also released a statement on Trump’s indictment saying the former president must be held accountable.

Though Johnson’s campaign points out Vallas has allegedly called Trump’s second impeachment a witch-hunt.

“I think my opponent is grasping for straws right now and my response to everybody should be held accountable, including the president has been my consistent view I think he’s still trying to explain why he hasn’t paid his water bill,” Vallas said.