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DOWNERS GROVE, Ill. — One of the closest house races in the country is in the 6th Congressional District in the west and northwest suburbs. Longtime incumbent, Republican Peter Roskam is in the closest race in 12 years and brought in Florida Sen. Marco Rubio who showed his support for the congressman.

Rubio campaigned alongside Roskam during a fundraiser Monday afternoon in Downers Grove. Roskam is trailing his opponent, Democrat Sean Casten, by one point—within the margin of error.

“I think it’s that important for our country to have good people like this remain in office,” Rubio said

On the heels of a final week fundraiser, a new attack ad was debuted by the Peter Roskam campaign.

In the 2.5-minute online attack ad, Roskam’s was called “extreme” for his support of outspoken liberal activist and columnist Dan Savage.

When asked to clarify his support, Casten dismissed the ad and said his support of Savage was for his work to curb suicide in the LGBT community.

“There’s a lot of things to be angry about today is the biggest thing that makes Roskam upset is that someone in support of the LGBT community at some point said something that might’ve had some colorful language in it, I think mr Roskam has his priorities backwards,” Casten said.