Lipinski concedes bitter primary race against Newman

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  It was her second attempt to unseat Illinois Congressman Dan Lipinski, and Tuesday night, Marie Newman succeeded.

They are still counting mail-in ballots but Newman’s has an insurmountable lead, according to projections. Lipinski will the first House incumbent to lose a primary this year.

On Election Night 2018, then-first-time candidate Newman was trailing in in votes, refused to concede and wished him a “painful night.” But the next morning, Newman acknowledged she’d been defeated.

Fast forward to Wednesday and this time it was Lipinski who needed a night for reality to set in.

“As the numbers stand right now, it appears that I will not prevail,” he said. “If the current numbers do hold, I want to congratulate Ms. Newman on her victory.”

Newman said if Lipinski’s delay was payback, it didn’t bother her. It was not a painful night.

“We had a delightful night, actually,” she said. “But here’s the thing. Yes, I did call out Dan Lipinski and their horrifying tactics last time. But we’re moving forward. We’re moving forward.”

In 2018, Newman lost by 2100 votes. She said it didn’t take long to realize she wanted to try again.

“Within a few days after looking at the precinct analysis it was clear that it was still a very doable thing,” she said. “But I wanted to make sure that the district wanted me because it would be silly if the district didn’t. That’s why I had dozens of meet-and-greets and did a lot of research with community leaders to make sure that I would be the person they want to run and it was.”

Progressives have long targeted Lipinski for his conservative views.

“I’ve always said I would never give up being Pro-Life,” he said.

Newman got a boost from Justice Democrats, EMILY’s List and other groups supporting abortion rights.

Wednesday, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez celebrated Newman’s win win.

As did Hillary Clinton.

Newman pulled it off doing well in southwest suburbs in the district but she was held her own on Chicago’s southwest side, where Lipinski and old machine politics often dominate.

“I like to think that we now put the district in alignment with their values,” she said. “It’s not about who we beat. It’s about what we’re doing how we’re going to move forward.:

In November, Newman will face Republican Mike Fricilone.


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