CHICAGO, Ill. — No break for the Chicago mayoral candidates after Tuesday’s debate. Following the WGN debate, they left early last night and got right back to work.

Fresh off the WGN-TV debate, the candidates for mayor returned to the campaign trail with Election Day only 13 days away. 

In Pilsen, Paul Vallas scored an endorsement from former Governor Pat Quinn.

“It’s important that we have a good mayor, a mayor who stands up for everyday people, and that’s Paul Vallas,” Quinn said. “We need a mayor who’s going to put that office back into city hall to fight for people paying unfair property taxes. We’ve gotta have a fighter.”

Vallas ran as Quinn’s Lieutenant Governor candidate in 2014.

“The older you get, the circle reconnects again,” Vallas said. “I’m so pleased and so proud to have this endorsement, from my friend.”

Vallas also addressed transportation with leaders in Chicago’s Polish National Alliance.

“When you talk about to improve traffic, how to reduce traffic, it’s about making public transportation work. Riding on the CTA has to be as safe as going to the airport,” Vallas said.

Some members of the Polish-American community have already thrown their support behind Vallas’ opponent, Brandon Johnson, who met with families on the South Side, vowing to made childcare affordable and reliable.

“We are just moments away from the type of transformation we’ve been fighting for for a generation,” Johnson said.

“We know that he has principles and we know he’s a man of integrity and we know he will represent the people to the fullest of his ability,” Dr. Lashawn Latrice said.

On Wednesday, the candidates face off again during another one-hour television forum. 

With millions in both men’s campaign war chests, and scrutiny from journalists intensifying, both men are desperately trying to stay on message.

“There is a great deal of frustration and pain that people are experiencing because of disinvestment, I’m going to work every day to bring people together,” Johnson said.

“I think crime is the number one issue for both Democrats and Republicans our polling certainly tells us that,” Vallas said.

One last nugget from the trail, the Johnson campaign is highlighting the fact that former GOP candidate for governor Darren Bailey took to social media to criticize Johnson. In a Facebook video, Bailey says it will be a “dark day” if Chicago voters elect Johnson.